Gino (25 Jan 2015)
"Re: Jaime: 01.18.15: Illumnati"

About 20 years ago, we took a group of preachers to Lou Malnatti's Pizza.
There are a few in the Chicagoland area, but the main one is in Elk Grove, a little north of O'Hare Airport.
When we were heading there, the preachers asked where we were going.
I said to Lou Malnatti's, but they never had heard of it, and thought that I had said, Illuminati's.
That seemed to be very common with visitors to Chicago who also knew about the Illuminati.
The preachers were totally aghast.
It took me awhile to convince them that the pizza place had nothing to do with the secret organization.
Lou Malnatti's knew people who visited Chicago came there for their deep dish pizza, and wished they had it back home.
They setup an ordering system where you could order it from anywhere, and they would fly it to you, on dry ice.
Of course that cost a little bit, but for a special event, it was worth it.
We had one sent to my Dad, before he past, because whenever he came to Chicago, we'd head there with him.
My wife had it sent to us, for our anniversary, when we worked down on St. Croix, US Virgin Islands.
So, about 20 years ago, I had a thought about suggesting a commercial for them, with a conspiracy twist.
Start with Illuminati pictures in the background, and a gentlemen in a dark, red, hooded robe in the foreground.
He would say, "Yes, there is a conspiracy, and the conspiracy is Lou Malnatti's, they want you to eat their pizza".
He could say, "The conspiracy runs deep", and then show the "deep-dish" pizza.
Then show a cabal of hooded men in black robes around a round table, with the pizza in the middle & Illuminati pictures on the wall.
The man in the red robe could say, "There is a New World Order!", preferably in a voice that sounds like Alex Jones.
Then he could proceed to show how you can order the pizza from anywhere in the world.
The commercial would end with the camera going around the room, showing Illuminati from all over the world.
Also showing those international Illuminati members, in the hooded robes around the table.
Then the camera turns to look down at the center of the table, to see a circle with the eye from the dollar bill in it.
Then as the eye in the circle morphs into a large, deep-dish pizza, the speaker says, "One World, One Pizza, Lou Malnatti's!".
About 5 to 10 years later, Papa John's had a commercial, using a line similar to what I planned for the ending.
So, I knew the window had past, and it was too late for the commercial - oh, well, it was only a thought