Gary Rich (25 Jan 2015)
"Soldier of Jesus Christ 2015 Declaration"

I declare that in this year 2015 I will be a lean mean Jesus machine. Being deliberately keen in my Calling and Purpose so that I can impact those around me with the gospel message. Not looking at my past and therefore having no excuse not to persevere toward my future, knowing that Jesus is all I need

My character is being molded and shaped into what God wants me to be, thus closing the things of my past and bridging the ravine into my restitution. People will see my persistant passion for Christ and gleen from me, making me a purposeful soldier in the Lord's army !


five doves readers - will you pray this prayer to be one of our Lord's lean mean Jesus machines in 2015 ? Will you live you life for eternal value, for His kingdom purposes ? Its simple to say to God : " Here I Am Lord, Send Me "

have a blessed day,   Gary