Garry Boggs (25 Jan 2015)



Isaiah 10:5-6

"O Assyrian (Iran), the ROD (weapon) of My anger, and the STAFF (weapon) in their hand is MY INDIGNATION. I will send him (Iran) against a hypocritical nation ( Israel) , and against the people of My wrath (Israel) will I give him (Iran) a charge ( a job), to take the spoil, and to take the prey, and to TREAD THEM ( Israel) DOWN like mire of the streets."


Isaiah 10:24-25

"Therefore thus saith the Lord God of hosts, O My people that dwellest in ZION (Israel), be not afraid of the Assyrian: he (Iran) SHALL SMITE THEE WITH A ROD , and SHALL LIFT UP HIS (Iran) STAFF AGAINST THEE...For yet a little while, and THE INDIGNATION shall cease, and My anger in their destruction."


Isaiah 13:4-6

"The noise of a multitude in the mountains (of Israel), like a great people (Gog-Magog armies) ; a tumultuous noise of kingdoms of nations gathered together (Gog-Magog nations); the Lord of hosts musters the host of the battle. They come from a far country....even the Lord, and THE WEAPONS OF HIS INDIGNATION TO DESTROY THE WHOLE LAND (of Israel). Howl ye; (Israel) for the Day of the Lord is at hand; it shall come as a (sudden)DESTRUCTION FROM THE ALMIGHTY."  ( Isaiah is the only prophet Jesus quoted in the New Testament)


Luke 21:20

"When you see Jerusalem (Israel) surrounded by armies (Gog-Magog armies) , then know that its DESOLATION IS NEAR."


Luke 21:28

:When you see these things begin to happen, look up and lift up your heads, because YOUR REDEMPTION (rapture) DRAWS NEAR."


God's "INDIGNATION" is manifest as God's "GREAT TRIBULATION" of His WRATH upon Israel BEFORE the rapture, followed by Satan's "hour of temptation" which is God's WRATH upon the whole world AFTER the rapture


Matthew 24:29

"Immediately AFTER THE TRIBULATION of those days...He will send His angels with the great sound of a trumpet , and they will gather together His elect...."


Revelation 3:10

"I will keep you from the HOUR OF TEMPTATION which will come upon the whole world..."


Matthew 6:13

"Lead us NOT INTO TEMPTATION, but deliver (rapture) us FROM EVIL (Satan)."



Garry B.