Chelsea Brown (25 Jan 2015)
"2015 -- Another, overlooked Indicator"


In addition to Isaac Newton's theory, the counting of Jubilee years, and the Blood Moon Tetrads ----all pointing to  2015 --- there may be at least one other indicator. "The end is told from the beginning." Is. 46:10. So follow me here....
 There are two very significant fathers in scripture, both named "Joseph". One the legal father of the Messiah, the other in Genesis married a gentile bride who produced two offspring, Manasseh  (value 395) and Ephriam (value 331). These offspring  are part gentile but are grafted, included into the Hebrew fabric and are the final two names that are included in the Ephod-Breastplate. Ex 28. If the "Father" desired to leave a clue to his gentile family, look to Joseph. Joseph said " for that (the dream) was doubled because the thing was established by God, and God will bring it shortly to pass." Gen 41:32. Now Joseph received a "double portion." I think there is something in these two names, the double portion. The total of 331 and 395 is 726 , which is the word "Harpazo" in Strong's Greek concordance . Strong's G726 meaning is " to snatch, to seize, etc". So what does this have to do with 2015 ?

J.R.Church has demonstrated that Bible Chapters can be read as prophetic years. Psalm's, the 19th book, is connected by chapters to the 19th century.Chapters numbers in Psalms accurately describe the years of the last century. So what is Bible chapter 215 (Zero is not a number, for example, there is no year zero) ? That is, of course, Judges chapter 4, Old Testament, and  Hebrews 11, New Testament. Both these "215" chapters contain the peculiar name "Barak" son of Abinoam. Judges 4:6, the initial use, being verse 6,606. It has been noted that all the letters to spell "Obama" are contained, and in exact order (reversed, like Hebrew) in Abinoam. The only other chapter containing the name "Barak" is chapter 216 -6x6x6 ! So if Joseph, associated by name, strongly with the "Father", tells us that "things doubled must shortly come to pass ," then I  consider "215", the doubled Barak chapters, may be another indication that years 2015 (and 2016) connect to Joseph's double portion ; the Gentile offspring.