TH (27 Jan 2014)


                        STUDY to FIND YOURSELF APPROVED

        We know this to be Scripturally sound advice, don't we? But what
does it REALLY mean?  A lot of well intended folks read this and go
right to their Bibles and "study" like mad because they sure aren't going
to be "left behind", not them, not if they can help it.  So they read and read
and after a while they can quote Scripture with the best of them. In fact
they gain a certain"status"  conferred upon them by those"less educated"
in the "written Word".  Some people have even built entire ministries around
their ability to "quote" Book, Chapter, and Verse that applies to almost
any given subject. They become "famous" and are considered an"authority".
When they "speak" people are supposed to listen and believe what this
learned person is saying as he applies verse to question or subject.  They
go so far as to ask for money so they can continue their scholarly pursuit
for the benefit of the less educated in HIS WORD.  Some of course don't
reach this level of notoriety for their "study" efforts and have to resort to
other less known venues to have their great efforts be recognized and
appreciated.  After all, they now "know Scripture".  So did the Jewish
leaders of CHRIST'S day.  HE even acknowledged that they did. HE also
accused them of being"proud" of their Scriptural knowledge in a condemning
way, but it didn't "sink-in" then and it doesn't seem to "sink-in" now.  What
were they missing?.....a HUMBLE HEART !  It was missing then and it is
missing now.  You see STUDY is a "study in humility" not Book learning.
It is all about a "Humble Heart".  ALL HIS SHEEP HAVE HUMBLE
HEARTS otherwise they are not HIS sheep and HE doesn't SPEAK to
them.  A HUMBLE HEART is required to hear HIS VOICE.  HE doesn't
speak to the proud.  They are given over to"mysteries".  True PEACE and
man's interpretation of words he doesn't understand but takes an "educated guess"
at, or quotes some one else's interpretation( a well known Book learner) and it
becomes "Gospel" to them.  Troubled is their path.  Remember there are lots of
illiterate people of "humble heart" that GOD has CHOSEN for HIS OWN.  They
have never "read" a word of Scripture yet they have the HOLY SPIRIT.  
        PROUD THEY ARE NOT............HUMBLE THEY ARE (and at peace)

               MARANATHA !
                                                                         Sent 1/24/14