Paul Wilson (27 Jan 2014)
"Generation Thoughts/Musings"

I was thinking last night about the verse “this generation shall not pass till all be fulfilled” and had some thoughts.
I am NOT date setting here or even setting a time frame but just pointing out some interesting facts and correlations.
1) If it speaks of the founding of Israel in 48 there are 3 possible generations who saw it: the Greatest generation (01-24), the Silent generation (25-45), and the Baby Boomer generation (46-64).  Now since the majority of the Baby Boomers were not even born then I would discount them as “this generation” since most did NOT see Israel's rebirth. Now using the 70-80 life span, Psalm 90:10, for a generation the Greatest gen has past (1924 + 80 = 2004), the silent generation however is still ongoing (1945 + 80 = 2025) so I would say for the purposes of seeing the rebirth of Israel that would be the generation in view.
2) A study was done on civilizations showing that when they accept sexual promiscuity, especially homosexuality, they decline within 3 generations and some experience their destruction in that same time frame. The Boomers were the ones who accepted these abominations so one gen is gen X, two is gen Y (or millennials), and the third is gen Z which is the current generation. Generations tend to be 20-21 years on average and gen Z being current has only a speculative end date using this average (there are 2 cited beginning dates) so using the numbers used often for these generations we have X=1965-1982, Y=1983-2001/2004, Z=2002/2005-2021 or 22/2024 or 25. So going by the study America, if not the would as we seem to be a global society, should decline greatly and be destroyed BY the end of 2024 or 2025. there is that number again.
3) If “this generation” speaks of the generation that sees the all that was spoken of including the tribulation, a good possibility given the text, and you take then the 20-21 years as the passing point the given it is very likely this is the generation that will see the tribulation since it won’t pass till the end of 2024 or 25, there is that number again, it is again shows the imminence of the rapture.
It says “this generation shall not pass till all be fulfilled” it doesn’t say that the end of the generation is when all would be fulfilled just that it would be fulfilled IN that generation. So we don’t have to wait for the rapture till 2024 or 25 – 7 years since the tribulation could end with years left till the generation ends as they don’t have to sync up. In Luke right prior to this verse and after the fig tree parable it mentions that seeing these thing you know the kingdom of God is nigh even at the doors. (in Matthew and Mark it only says IT is nigh where Luke clarifies what IT is.) I would say that the Millennial Kingdom is the Kingdom of God mentioned.
We have a convergence of the civilization study and the silent generation ending points and a convergence of the civilization study and the gen Z ending points. I find this interesting.