John Clark (27 Jan 2014)
"RE: Gino (23 Jan 2014)  "RE: John Clark: 01.19.14: Lightning breaks finger off Rio’s Christ statue""

RE: Gino (23 Jan 2014)  "RE: John Clark: 01.19.14: Lightning breaks finger off Rio’s Christ statue"

Blessings Gino.
I agree with you 100% that the statue in Rio is a graven pagan idol. But if the Father can speak through a jackass, he can also speak to his creation through a pagan idol.

When I saw this article, my spirit immediately understood that it was some type of parable. The Lord is speaking to us continually in many ways, shapes and forms. And here you have a lightning strike on a pagan representative of "Jesus/God." Now I am sure that you agree that nothing happens without the Fathers approval. If he wanted to send a message about graven images, I am sure that that statute would've been pulverized, melted or perform a swan dive off that cliff. But this was a lightning strike on a finger. Now, looking at the picture in the article, I wondered why the lightning struck the finger and not the highest point, its head? Now they could be made of different material, but maybe that's part of the message that made the newspapers. I then noticed that the lightning struck the right hand of "god." Now, that is where our Lord Yeshua presently sits. At the right hand of God. So it appears to me that even though the Father allowed this lightning strike, the strike was probably from Yeshua's enemy.
Luk 10:18   And he said unto them, I beheld Satan as lightning fall from heaven.

So, as I thought about this, the Holy Spirit urged me to look up the first use of "finger," in the Scriptures. Many scholars believe that if you want to understand the meaning of a word/object, see how it was used in its first appearance in the Scriptures. That will help you interpret the parable, vision or dream. So I immediately went to the blue letter Bible and looked up "finger." I have to admit that I started to write "finger of God." But the spirit stopped me and said just look up the word finger. And to my surprise, the first use of "finger," was about the "finger of God," as recognized by the pagan magicians/priests in Egypt during Moses encounter. They recognized that the judgments upon Egypt (the world), was from the most high God.

Do I know precisely what the parable of the lightning strike on the finger of the statue in Rio means, if anything? No. But the message I received is that Satan realizes that time is very short and he will do almost anything to slow down or stop the judgments that are coming his way. The pagan magicians could recognize it in Moses days. But will the pagans of today looking up to their idols recognize that the "finger of God," is stirring up the present and future calamities?

Shalom, John