Jan J (27 Jan 2014)
"Vision, Signs, and Faith"


Vision, Signs, and Faith
Was taking a nap but awake with eyes shut the afternoon of the 14th when I had a short vision:  There were what appeared to be a 'cloud of witnesses'....the tops of numerous peoples' heads. It faded into the background and what looked like a live, golden photo negative appeared and the outline of the man was undoubtedly Jesus. He reached forward and picked up an open book, and lifted it straight up over his head.  End of vision.
Regarding the Revelation seals and other signs:  Surely we are seeing the unfolding of tribulation signs, but will be raptured before the culmination of those signs.
Being children of the light and not of darkness....what manner then ought we to be, in all speech and behavior, not being caught unaware in the hour at which we live.
Suddenly in recent weeks, there are UFO stories appearing. I think those left behind will attribute our 'disappearance' to those, among other fallacies.  Interesting that they are an issue now, but were not before.
I believe those aliens are demonic.
Regarding FAITH:
Faith is like a muscle...use it and it gets stronger.
Works must accompany faith, or it is dead.
To each is given a measure of faith.  So it's not a matter of
'more' faith or increasing the amount of faith, it's a matter of using the measure we've been given and it will grow stronger.
Worry, fear, and even ordinary 'earthly' thoughts can interfere with faith.
As we walk in the Spirit and look to the Lord, our faith and trust in God enable us to forgive, to obey, and live a thankful life and have praise in our hearts and minds to Him.
I forgot to put Jan J on one of my postings, so my email name of Skyrealm was given.  Either one is okay, but just so you know who I am if you see Skyrealm.
                                                  JAN J