GM (27 Jan 2014)
"Mishpatim Michael C and freeing the bond servants"

Mishpatim Michael C and freeing the slaves


I have previously written that the Lord has been directing my attention to the Shabbat readings over the last several months.  Most of my observations and experiences I now keep as personal assurances rather than messages to be delivered.  Thank you, Lord.  However, within this “rest” occasionally there are items, which connect to the leading of others.  The Shabbat reading of the Mishpatim posted by Michael C from Jan 23 is one.


For many months I have been directed to the number 53 frequently.  Finally, I knew why when I read the Torah portion for this Sabbath; the 53 Laws given to Moses (Moshe).  Since discovering this connection the only time this number became prominent was during a discussion I had on this topic.  Here is a reference link:


In this version find three main points.  1.  The 53 laws are separated into seven groups for teaching purposes.  This may reflect on seven days, or seven Churches.  2.  Each grouping is called an “Aliya”, literally meaning to “go up”.  In this context the meaning is to go up and make a blessing on the reading section.  Still, this defines seven blessings and reflects the sevenfold nature of the Holy Spirit.  And 3.  This event begins the giving of the Law, which is the foundational element of God’s (Hashem’s) covenant with the Hebrew people.  This covenant will be celebrated after the Church is removed.


The Hebrew4Christians segment linked by Michael C writes at length regarding the laws of slavery and releasing of slaves in Hebrew culture.  If we consider ourselves “slaves/bond servants" of Christ”, then the releasing of the slaves would be a momentous occasion, indeed.  This would then be followed by a renewed recognition of the ancient covenant.


I know my attention was drawn to this Sabbath and reading.  This is another encouragement of His timely work.  We are watching and I believe we see Him coming.