Gerry Almond (27 Jan 2014)
"My Word for Now"

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ:

We, Americans, have a desperately wicked generation in control of our beloved  country.  It is as the Holy Bible says, “the heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; who can know it?”  Well, God can, and does, and He is the One with whom we have to do.

Christians today are the persecuted lot of America.  Surveys show that America is the greatest persecutor of Christians in the world.  Just out, this study says that the federal government has adopted a near war-like stance against “Christians”.   Can you imagine?  Our beloved country has turned 180 degrees in such a short time?
We are the minority, to say the least.  Relatively few of the people are looking for the return of Jesus Christ in the rapture event.  Of those called Christian, many are now adopting the teaching of “universal salvation”.  Based on a couple of scriptures in the book of Romans, these filthy dreamers actually think that all people will be saved and none will perish in the fires of hell, if (they say) there is such a place.  Universal salvation is just another ploy of the devil and his crowd to deceive and damn the souls of men.  

The “emergent church” is another phenomenon.  It teaches, among other things, that many religions will lead to salvation and God’s approval.  For instance, Muslim belief in Allah is just another way to the Bible’s God.  This, of course, is a lie of hell.  It is the reason that God was so careful to called Himself the “God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”.  He did not say that I AM the God of all!  God knew of this damnable teaching before it ever came into being.  He is the God of Israel (Jacob) and is quick to so identify Himself.  Israel is His, first, last, and always.  

Backslidden Christians are another really major problem of our society.  “I accepted Jesus but now I can live life my own way” has a very large following.  But, Jesus was clear when He said that these would not be\in the rapture, because God looks on the heart, and the heart’s condition is what determines whether one loves and serves Jesus Christ.  Head acceptance, that is “easy believism” will never get a person there.  Of all the deceitful conditions of today, I think this one is most insidious and harmful to the souls of men.  

I am therefore amazed at the sheer number of people that think they are o. k. with heaven, when in fact, they know nothing of what Jesus is looking for in a bride.  No matter how much television, radio, missionary activity, personal witnessing, church going, or anything else is done, many, many people hold to the belief that they are “o. k.” if they just go to church, or give to a charity, or just be plain old good, and obey the ten commandments, etc.

If there is not a return to consistent Bible study and acceptance of Bible truth, then mankind will go on ever deeper in error, because it is only God’s Word that is a spiritual light in this spiritually ever darkening  world.

I declare unto you that such will never gain anyone heaven’s door.  People cannot fool the Holy Spirit, who is required to act in order to provide their salvation.  He surely knows who accepts Jesus in his heart and who does not.  He knows who is playing at it and who means it.  He will only save those who mean it.

So, God provided the sacrifice, Jesus is that sacrificial Lamb, and the Holy Spirit applies the blood of that sacrificial Lamb to the HEARTS of men for salvation and sanctification.  The mighty triune God of heaven is thus instrumental in anyone and everyone’s salvation experience.  Without it, a person is not and will not be saved.  It follows then that a head only acceptance of the Gospel Message will not work.  

When we say, “make your election sure”, we mean for you to be sure that you have Jesus in your HEART, and not just in your head.  You must submit to His ruler-ship and leading all of your life if you are to please God.  That is how valuable God considers the blood of His Son.  Even though you may fall, you can be restored (1 John 1:9) as long as your fall is not a habitual practice.  Repentance means you turn away from your sin that caused you to fall, and be restored to your Lord.  But if you refuse Jesus righteous demand and die in your sins, you will die not once, but twice.  

Jesus is coming for His Bride. Soon.  He plans to remove her from the time of wrath of His Father, the God of all the universe.  This wrath will come suddenly and without remedy for those not taken in the rapture event.  It will be a time of such sheer horror, and such sheer terror, that it will virtually be without precedence.  The only thing that comes close to it is the destruction of Noah’s day.  It will be by fire this time, not soothing, cooling water as before, but hot, burning fire, when God’s anger is finally unleashed against the wickedness of this evil world.  It will not end until all of God’s enemies are defeated and at His feet, whimpering for mercy.  Blood will flow at the final battleground (Armageddon) so deep, that it will reach the bridles of the horses.

So,  choose you this day whom you will serve, but as for me and my house, we will serve THE LORD.  

So, when, one may ask, is Jesus coming in the rapture?  Only God knows, but it is said to be very soon by many voices who claim to have messages from God.  I read their testimonies and pray that they are correct.  But, I am just waiting, for that is all I can do.  I hope to lead some soul to Christ if given the opportunity, but I fear that time for that is up also.  It is just my feeling right now, and it has no prophetic significance or prophetic merit.  But it is nevertheless a real feeling in my soul.


Gerry Almond