E Gingerich (27 Jan 2014)
"Gog & Magog"


I appreciate your pro Israel stand. May God bless……..Back in early September 2013, I wrote and sent the following to our local daily newspaper;

"The events, [religious wars] in the Middle East, and particularly in Syria will ultimately lead to a major confrontation between Russia and its allies piling on against tiny Israel. Russia, by hook or crook, may simply take over Syria. Openly, and no longer by proxy. Yes, the same Russia that is the motherland of Lenin, Stalin and atheistic communism– killing millions and millions. She has only become more cunning since the “fall of the wall”. The P in Putin likely stands for Propaganda

Iran, which for years has threatened to “wipe the Zionist state off the map”, along with Libya, Lebanon-Hezbollah and others, have been supported by Russia with weapons and technology for a long time.

This strange mixture of radical Islam and Neo-Marxism is growing, and they need Syria and possibly Turkey in the alliance. Russia lusts for warm water ports, and all the natural resources, especially the newly discovered trillions of meters of gas in the region. Also, they have no love for Israel, whom the Jihadists hate with a venomous passion. Conspiracy theories abound, and mistakenly almost always point to Israel as the chief trouble maker in the area. So the show down is coming. A modern day Goliath versus David. It should be no contest, because Israel will finally be forsaken or double-crossed by all, including America. Israel, the size of New Jersey with a population of less than New York City, is vastly outnumbered.

All the vocal and closet “pacifist” Neo-Marxists around the world, and of course those here in the U.S., will be salivating and cheering on the Russian-Iranian axis of evil. Smugly, knowing for sure, that Israel will be forever destroyed and relegated to the dust bin of history. Or so they think. However, the Triune, Sovereign God of the universe will intervene at the exact right moment, and supernaturally save Israel from annihilation. He will turn the tables, and destroy the Anti-Zionist invaders with a great and catastrophic destruction. No, this is not Armageddon, that will come later.

This, and much more is written in a very ancient book. The English edition is over five hundred years old. Check it out, if your heart and mind is on the side of Israel. Don’t bother if you favor Islam and Neo-Marxism, or are a Nazi sympathizer, you wouldn’t understand anyway.

It will happen. The big question, is the invasion weeks, months or years away? "

E. Gingerich