Daniel Matson (27 Jan 2014)
"Israel: The Handwriting on the World"


Dear Readers,

Last week the books finally came in and look pretty good. So far 52 books have been ordered. For those who have bought the book, the book is in the mail...and thank you!

Also, a new article was added to the website here. It concerns the span of time from the Flood until the Second Coming. For those who have followed the importance of 490, this is a factor.

Other new items are two YouTube videos:
Israel: The Handwriting on the World &
Daniel's 70 Weeks Revisited - just posted

As we start 2014, many are anticipating the coming tetrad of eclipses. While the conclusions of this author are that 2017 is likely the year that begins the 70th Week, we are still left with only a few years that may and should see significant developments. It would or should not be surprising. Hopefully we are ready to give the answers to those who will soon ask!

In Christ,
Daniel Matson