Charles Holler (27 Jan 2014)
"The Hawk has landed"

Greetings John and Doves,
        Most of you reading this have read my letters here for the last 14+ years and know how I tend to stray away from visions and dreams and yet ironically The Lord has given me the interpretation of several dreams for different members of my family. I have shared with Doves a couple fleeces I put out for The Lord ( less than a handful in 53 years as that is a Holy thing to ask a Sovereign God) and He answered most of them. There is however one fleece I put out over ten+ years ago that is unanswered. I only think about it once every year or two. It's time to share it now I believe.
      There is a reference to The Second Coming of Christ in almost every chapter of the New Testament. This leads me to believe it is important and I've always been drawn to this topic and the Rapture. I've seen many, many, many dates come and go in the last 25 years since I've been looking and many more before this. Some dates I got very excited about, some not so much, and other in between. So I asked The Lord one day, " Lord, there have been so many dates come and go about your Rapture, I would like to ask You, If You think I'm worthy enough to know, When ever I come across one of these dates, and it's the right one, would You let a hawk land in the tree outside my living room window......and let my mother and/or daughter see it too?"
       When I asked this of The Lord I lived 20 miles south of town on a dead end road a half mile long and the only home there. We were always  seeing deer, bobcats, blue Herons, snow owls during migration....well you get the  picture. I've since moved three times and live in town. The home I live in now is in town and I moved here 3 years and 3 months ago (this is the start of my 40th month). My sister was visiting me last Saturday, the 18th of January with her back to the window. She said "What are you looking at Chuck?" I tell her about my fleece and share that for the first time since I lived here I just saw a hawk circling over the baseball diamond across the street. I was so excited. We both were. I asked The Lord if this was it? Was the hawk going to land in the tree? Should I be watching? The hawk did fly away though. Then on Friday the 24th my mother was here and my daughter was fixing lunch.....fried fish mmmmmm, when I exclaimed "did you see that?" They both said no as I tell them my story of the fleece and my sister last Saturday and how I just saw a hawk fly by my window at about 12-15 feet off the ground. It did not land, but was I even more excited than the week before. I asked my daughter as we were looking out the window "So what would you do if you saw a hawk land in that tree?" and she said "I would run to church" and we all laughed. Now lets fast forward one day, Saturday, my mother is visiting and it happens....a  hawk landed in the tree outside my living room window and sits there for over 15 minutes. Talk about excited, my mother at 77 years old gets up ( I couldn't stop her) and walks outside in this polar vortex weather to take a picture. I looked at the clock and it's 1:11 pm. hahahaahaha I called my daughter and told her what happened. She took her family of six to Church today for the first time in 2 years<[:o) .... (she has been talking about going though for several weeks)
        Now the big question......what's the date or time line? The two most recent dates have come and gone and I wasn't real excited about either but still watched. There is another time line I looked at that day and I'll post it below, but I need to seek the Lord more to see if it's that one or the next one that comes along. I'm content to just know that we are at the end and His Coming is so near and so much so that it is hard to occupy sometimes, but I know that every day He doesn't come is a day to witness and spread His Gospel. I will share any dates unless The Lord forbids it, but for now, look up and be comforted in that the time is here and our redemption draweth nigh.
Charles Holler Sr