Stan Freeman (31 Jan 2013)
"The Right Side of History"


     Doves, with the soon confirmation of Chuck Hagel to head the Defense Department, America the Babylon will seal its inability to defend itself against today’s asymmetrical threats of destruction from its sworn enemies.


     Let’s not bemoan or regret this nation’s accelerated decline & its ultimate demise in a single day as foretold in prophetic scripture.  Rather, let’s redouble our resolve to come out of Her Deception in our lives.  God’s judgments are just—and His timing is perfect.


     A big part of the America’s Grand Delusion is that somehow we are so great & powerful, we will endure—despite our removal of Almighty God from our institutions, our denial of His Word, our millions of abortions, our moral collapse, our national idolatries, our economic mess, our reprobate political leaders, our self-deluded prophets & a popular belief that a transformed, socialist America built upon the kind of Hope & Change espoused by our latest King is on the right side of history.


     Doves, God’s coming Kingdom of Jesus Christ on Earth is the right side of history.  Let’s continue to encourage each other in the days ahead.  He is with us always—even until the Close of the Age.