Paul H (31 Jan 2013)
"Ateroid DA14 A Warning Shot Across Our Bow"

Dear John and Doves,

I was talking to a dear sister in the Lord today she turns 90 this year. She is one of those faithful servants, still teaching scripture at school, which we are blessed to still have in Australia. She visits a nursing home every week ministering and praying for people there. She has a book filled with people’s names she prays for. I’m sure her petitions have sustained me and many others without anyone ever knowing it countless times. Wow I am blessed to know this lady.

Well to get to the story, I mentioned to her about this asteroid that will give us a near shave around mid-next month and she replied, oh someone throwing rocks at us. Then it occurred to me this asteroid is like God sending us a shot across the bow. Could this be one of God’s last warning shots, a shot that says stop now, and turn around (repent) or the next one will not be just a warning. My friend agreed that it could very well be. Another one of Gods merciful warning, but who will take heed.
Paul H