Mary Adams (29 Jan 2013)

Beloved Doves,
I am sending you this message, which was delivered to our church in Alaska, which contains a Word from the Lord given to a very powerful minister in Bangalore, India.  I have known him for 20 years and he is highly respected worldwide, having before prophesied and was always accurate.  He has requested that we share the
following with our friends and begin to pray right now.
1.  There will be a big earthquake to hit India in June, in the northern part of the nation.
2.  Communal ethnic and linguistic riots will hit India.  Many will fight each other and there will be a kind of
     mutiny.  Thousands will die.
3.  Southern part of Japan will go into the sea. Half of the nation will go into ocean water. Great loss of life.
4.  Big typhoons (called hurricanes in USA) will hit both USA and AUSTRALIA very badly.  There will be a
     huge loss of life and property.
5.  There will be a political assasination of 3 world leaders.
6.  The India states of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhyapradesh will have natural calamaties and loss of life.
7.  The hilly regions worldwide will have big landslides.
8.  Christian churches have lost their vision and love for God.  Church leaders must act quickly to
     bring the people to their knees so that these destructions can be averted as in Jonah's time.
9.  Infightings inside the churches will increase.  Rebellion will rise to hinder the Holy Spirit to move
     in the body of Christ to expose sin and unclean living.
10.North Korea and China will be a big threat to world peace.  Israel has to face a tough time of war
     with their enemies this year. USA, UK and other parts of Europe will be hit by a new disease in
     which no medicines will be available for cure.  This will spread worldwide.
The Lord said, "If my people that are called by my Name, shall humble themselves and confess
their sins and turn away from their ungodly life, the Lord said that He will hear their cry and stop
those predetmined calamities and save them."
Everyone please let your friends know about these things and begin prayer right now.
Bangalore, India
January, 2013