Jean Stepnoski (31 Jan 2013)
"The Tree is a FIG Tree: Symbol of ISRAEL: Luke 13: 6-9"


Dear Doves,
   The tree mentioned in the story of Christ in Luke 13: 6-9 is clearly stated as a FIG tree.  A fig tree has long been interpreted in The Scriptures as a symbol of national Israel. How would it be a symbol of the United States of America? The story is about some four year period concerning national Israel. In the lifetime of Messiah/Christ? It would seem so. Also, for our times for Israel? Perhaps it has to do with the recent 4 years of national Israel under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu? Why try to inject President Obama and the U.S.A. when the Master clearly referenced ISRAEL! The idea of cutting down a fig tree is about Israel, not the U.S.A. or some other country. All the nations of the Nations will side against Israel, more than the U.S.A. The 70 Weeks of Daniel have to do with "your people and your holy city." Was the prophet Daniel an American? No. He was of national Israel. Daniel's reference is clearly to national Israel. What holy city did Daniel refer to long ago? Was "your holy city" Washington, D.C.? No. Jerusalem.
   If there is a symbolic FIG tree on the verge of attempts to cut down, to destroy, to be no more, it would be the primary focus of the last shavua, the last, the 70th Week of Daniel. It would be ISRAEL and concern the "holy city" of Jerusalem. Wrath will be poured out on the unrepentant in Israel and those in the world of the Nations. The focus in the 7 year shavua is Israel, land and people, and Jerusalem. The "Time of Jacob's Trouble" will concern Israel, land and people, and Jerusalem. Faulty interpretation of Luke 13:6-9 is no spiritual help at all. Daniel's 70 Weeks concern national Israel, the people of the House of Israel, and Jerusalem. First and foremost. Those of the Nations are secondary to Israel in end times events.
   Israel and the Nations have had 7 and 1/2 years since the expulsions from The Gaza and a full 40 years of period of spiritual probation, warning, and wilderness since 7 of 9 Justices voted for Roe Versus Wade on 1-22-1973. Four years of warning for the U.S.A. and fixated like an obsession, on one man, likened to Abraham Lincoln or the beast by some? How about the focus being on the Messiah of Israel, Christ the Lord? We have had 7 plus 33 years for the U.S.A. and every nation on earth of assorted heads up events. The 40 is over. When will The Blessed Hope be? Come quickly, Lord...
With Love and Shalom,