Gerlinda (31 Jan 2013)
"For Karen: Is it possible?"
Karen,  loved your article about "Laying Out a Case About Ariel Sharon". 
You asked the question if it were possible for a Stroke to be considered a head wound.   I have to ask, "Why Not?  we have wounds in other parts of our body caused by blood issues and a stroke is such a wound to the head.
I asked a nurse friend regarding the possibility to recover from being brain dead.  Here is her reply.
No, it is not possible under "normal" circumstances for a man who has been on "life support" for that long and have their brain "shrunken" (I.e. their brain matter dies ) and then make a miraculous comeback without either God doing it or by some other means. Yes, Satan could indwell that body if the body has been kept alive, but the brain is dead.
Something is up and you sure did bring up some excellent points.