Denis Hart (31 Jan 2013)
"Australian Election Date and Brazil Night Club Fire"

Australian Election Date and Brazil Night Club Fire

There are two matters of interest that I would like to comment on briefly: the Australian election date and the Brazil night club fire.

Australian election date announced - 14 September 2013 - Yom Kippur

Yesterday (30 January 2013) Australia’s Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced that the next Australian election will be on 14 September 2013.  Announcing the election date so far in advance in highly unusual – what is even more interesting is that the election will be on Yom Kippur.  And even more interesting is that it will be two years to the day from the Australian election in 2013 to Rosh Hashanah in 2015 (14 September 2015).  Once again the spotlight shines on Rosh Hashanah 2015!

Australia is a nation of destiny and these two years are expected to be very important for both Australia (an important nation in the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all flesh) and for Israel - the Tetrads in 2014 and 2015, amongst many signs, highlight that the battle for Israel will be strong during this period.  With the United States and Israeli elections out of the way to 2016 (USA definitely, Israel probably), Australia’s destiny rests on the political and spiritual struggle for Australia in the next eight months - we would appreciate your prayer and intercession for God to work out His Eternal Purposes.  Importantly, Australia has a temporary seat on the UN Security Council for 2014 and 2015 and will be faced with critical decisions on whether to support Israel strongly or back away.

The Brazil Night Club Fire

Australia’s news has been dominated in the past week by the widespread flood disaster from (ex) tropical cyclone Oswald.  Consequently the shock and sadness of the Brazil night club fire has been relegated to further down the news.  In terms of lives lost, this is the third worst night club fire in history.  The worst fire was at the Cocoanut Grove night club in Boston on 28 November 1942 (492 lives), followed by one in China in December 2000 (309).

What is interesting is that the number of lives lost in the Kiss Club fire in Santa Maria, Brazil is 234.  There have been differing reports on the number of deaths, but the article Forensic department raises death toll in Brazil fire to 234 (link below) puts the number at 234.  For those who have been following Five Doves for many years, this is the Vincent Tan number, and it is unusual for such a number to surface in this disaster at a ime when many other signs are accelerating across the Earth.

The fire was at the Kiss night club, and the warning comes through as the world continues to party while the Lord’s Return comes ever closer.  In my mind there are two interesting associations with Kiss:  the outrageous KISS rock group, but also the unusual name of KISSinger - a key figure in United States and international politics, and one who many thought moved diplomatically, much how the Antichrist would be expected to act (and with success).  Perhaps the diplomatic mantle of Kissinger will fall on Obama.

Lest we forget - this night club fire, with the sad loss of so many young lives, should hopefully lead to much improved safety in night clubs, not just in Brazil but across the world.

Denis  Maranatha!