Will Schumacher (31 Jan 2012)
"Post 1-3 seeming confirmations and tower of day numbers of each"


God has highlighted Sept 23, 2015 Day of Atonement for us by the 4 eclipses on feast days surrounding this date and the 49 x 360 day period from June 7, 1967-matching Daniel 9

He further highlighted 2550 days before on  Sept 29, 2008 Feast of trumpets (in Jerusalem by the time the stock market closed in New York)when the  dow dropped 777 points.

The 2550 would match the 1290 of Daniel 12:11 and the 1260 of Rev 12.

Daniel 12:12 seems to read that the blessing is 45 days in addition to the 1290 to get to 1335.

It is a fact that from the 777 point drop on Feast of trumpets 2008 to Pentecost 2012 is 1335 days.

Pentecost begins 5-26-12 and id the 1335th day

The 3 what seem to be confirmations

1)3-11-11 Japan earthquake and nuclear disaster

This was 442 days before 5-26-12

It was reported all over the news that there were 442 nuclear power plants worldwide in operation

·         Backgrounder: Basic facts about world's nuclear power generation


Mar 16, 2011 ... There are 442 nuclear power plants in operation worldwide, supplying 16 percent of the world's total electricity, according to figures of the


442 is the gematria Enoch translated in Hebrews 11:5

So God seemingly  highlighted the number 442, 442 days before as if to confirm the countdown


2)5-1-11 Osama Bin Laden killed

This is 391 days before 5-26-12

He was the master mind of 9-11 which was 3910 days before 5-26-12

391 is the gematria of salvation=Joshua=Jesus

So God seemingly highlighted the number 391, 391 days before


3)10-11 Gilad Shilat negotiated release 228 days before then released 221 (1/2 of 442) days before

Gilad Shilat’s name has a gematria of 2 x 228

228=gematria of H1061 Bikkuwr or firstfruits-the Pentecost offering

So again God seemed to highlight the number 228, 228 days


What is further interesting about these dates is the tower of day numbers of each month.   

9-11 happened on day 254 and if you add up the numbers 254 through 273(sept 30) it equals 5270

254=527 in  temp conversions.  So it seems God uses the tower of day numbers to further put His “stamp” on that day and mark it as important


3-11 was day 70-tower of day numbers form 70 to 90(March 31)=1680 or 84 x 20



5-1 was day 121-tower of day numbers from 121 to 151(may 31)=4216 or 8 x 527

527 =age of Jared (meaning descend as in 1 thess 4:16) the father of Enoch when Enoch translated

Note that both tower of day numbers form 9-11 and 5-1 are divisible by 527-a further match of the 2 days by God


10-11 was day 284-tower of day numbers form 284 to 304(oct 31)=6174or 18 x343 or 147 x 52

343-was a 911 number and =7x7x7

147-  day number of 5-26-12 since leap year

will schumacher