WhodaThunk (31 Jan 2012)
"Jonathan Kleck Video—“Alien Communication Interception"

From WhodaThunk

I have a few questions related to this video.  My first would be does Jonathan Kleck understand the alleged alien language used in the communication?

if he doesn't then how does he know they are invading?  If he does then why doesn't he translate for us?

Also, for what reason would aliens pre-announce an invasion on some radio frequency?  That would eliminate the advantage of a surprise attack, unless we are dealing with really stupid aliens.

How is it that in the entire world that only Jonathan has received this message?

If you listen to the sound of the data he presents as alien communication ... well, any competent radio / cell technician, and many with general electronic education, would tell you that this is the sound that would come from a phone that is experiencing a silicone chip failure.

The chip has lost it's timing and is processing the data as sounds, which are probably there somewhere in that data stream along with the digital id which identifies his phone to the cell network.

Cell phones work on a similar system to the old trunking system.  Consider they send short burst of data with an Id tag, but many phones are using the same frequency at the same time!  Your phone filters out the digitized voice packets that do not match your cellphone ID, but if there is a failure then that filtering may not take place until it syncs up again ... this sounds exactly like what Jonathan heard and recorded.

The event took place when a CME from the sun was messing with the data of satellites, radio communication, and CELL phone equipment, etc.  There are many external influences that can cause a cell phone or cell phone equipment to malfunction.  Temperature, humidity, to many people on the CELL phone equipment at the same time, Radio frequency interference from magnetic fields, the microwave oven, a router, CB communication, chip failure due to heat, or dropping your phone in the water, defective chip, can cause intermittent failures.  There are far to many possibilities to mention here, but assuming that just because you don't understand something that it is an alien pre-invasion message goes way beyond what most would consider logical thinking.

The invasion has already taken place, Jonathan, has just not acknowledged it.  Ten million aliens have come from Mexico across the border to the US.

As far as the real alien dudes are concerned, If they have the technology to travel through space then I don't think they will be broadcasting in the cell phone frequency range.

Fear is one thing God says is the opposite of faith, but He also says that: 2 Timothy 1:7 "For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind."

So fearing an alien invasion based upon Jonathan's video would be quite a large stretch.  But fear itself of any kind .... does not come from God.