Vocio Denario (13 Jan 2012)
"Is our Nemesis Hiding in Plain Sight?"

Hi, John and ALL Doves.

oNe example of hiding in plain sight from a celebrity:
Dolly Parton used to enter Dolly Parton LOOKALIKE CONTESTS.
Is obama doing exactly what she used to do: entering, not a Dolly Parton, but a BEAST lookalike contest?
Does this make any sense…. AT ALL?
1- President Barack Obama’s limo is a “Beast” but his new bus is an even more of a monster.
2- Mr. Obama’s hulking limousine, nicknamed the “Beast.”
3- It's the first time the Secret Service has had a bus in its fleet of vehicles, which includes armored limousines (referred to as "The Beast" when the president rides in one) that were added when President Obama took office.

How to Hide in Plain Sight

This article will tell you how to hide in plain sight. In other words, be seen and then instantly forgotten. Blend in with the crowd. Whether it's in school, work, or you're walking through a bad neighborhood, there are people you won't want to meet.


- Dress in clothing that is common to the area you are in. Namely, don't wear a blue suit if everyone around you is walking around in t-shirts and jeans.
- Walk in a relaxed way, but don't wander around aimlessly. Running is only useful if you are in a very few certain situations. Keep your pace steady and calm.
- Be watchful. Keep your head level and eyes straight ahead, and stay aware of your surroundings. If you have to look at someone, look at the face without making eye contact. If you make eye contact by accident, focus on something behind them, then slide your eyes off them to either side, creating the impression that you were looking behind them. This can take practice.
- Use the environment to your advantage. If you are near a crowd, move to it and stay with it. You will seem less obvious in a group. Try to avoid long open stretches, you can seem unusual by yourself. Taking shortcuts and knowing the area are very useful.
- Don't look uncomfortable, as this will arouse suspicion or draw attention. Act as if you're supposed to be there.
- People look for anomalies (strange behavior)
  • If you end up meeting the people you were trying to avoid, are in an uncomfortable situation, or are just in a hurry for some reason, you may have to rush. This is not advisable - a fast moving person is more noticeable than a slow moving person. If you have to run, keep your head low and avoid bumping into people. Slow down in crowded areas, and speed up in empty ones.
  • When walking with purpose, don't bump into people or look distracted; this will arouse suspicion.
  • In certain situations where you're looking for a specific door or similar object, you naturally slip into a 'searching' look. This arouses questions from people who, while trying to be helpful, can ask awkward questions. If you run into someone you don't know and the place is nearly empty chances are they'll ask you if you're a.) Lost b.) Know where you're supposed to be. To avoid these questions, slow down, look thoughtful for a moment and then act like you just remembered/realized something and speed back up to a normal speed.
  • Try to wear bland, plain, normal civilian clothing. This will help you blend in with the masses/crowd/general peoples around you.
  • Make yourself look like you know exactly where you're going. If people see you wandering aimlessly or if they see your eyes, head or something looking around, you won't fit in.
  • Look straight ahead and walk with a steady, normal pace. Try to look busy. If in a tourist area then pretend to look at the attractions. It's all about fitting in.
  • If you have a cell phone on you, grab it and fake a phone call (or call somebody you know). This will lower the chance of people getting suspicious.
- Could MAKING JOKES/POKING FUN on EVERYTHING to draw people’s attention away from reality be considered an anomaly (STRANGE BEHAVIOR)? (What about: going on vacations and playing golf all the time, taking the dog shopping, first lady shopping at Walmart, playing basketball with students and getting your lips busted, etc, etc, etc).

Pictured: Inside the Obamas' secret Alice In Wonderland-themed Halloween party at White House that was kept under wraps for TWO years.


Come Lord Jesus… Pronto, please !!!:
Vocio D.