Vicki (27 Jan 2012)
"To: Mathman, Kathi and Keith Davidson"


Thank you Mathman , Kathi and Keith for each of your responses to "It's about the Fig Tree".
Each one of you has given me food for thought!
Mathman, I do believe the Lord is pointing to something concerning the 2 12's. It appears the 12's are referring to Israel, which is the Fig Tree, and God's end times timepiece. Also, Daniel 12:12 could be a very real possibility. Thank you for your great thoughts!
Kathi, Thank you for your insight and the different translations of Rev. 6:13. This verse actually says two of the same words the Lord spoke to me "figs" and "drop". Are the stars "about" to fall from the sky as late figs drop from the Fig Tree when shaken by a strong wind? Could it be that we are THIS close??  Woo Hoo!!
Keith Davidson, I was very interested in your post from Oliver Thomas on "The Fig Tree is the key..." I didn't realize there were different crops of Figs and the timing of their harvest. It makes me wonder which figs the Lord was referring to when He said "The Figs are about to drop" Hmm. Your thoughts concerning the 144,000 is something I hadn't thought about! Also, you are so right, the close personal relationship with our Lord is soooo Amazing!
So many great insights and possibilities. Thank you all.
I love being part of 5 Doves and having a connection with so many "like minded" people. John, this site is a real blessing!! Thank you!
As for the exact meaning of all the questions I still have about God's proclamation and revelation of "It's about the Fig Tree"....Time will tell, and when events happen or more revelation comes, then this will all become more clear. It all has to do with HIS timing. He is the One who initiated it and He is the One who will fulfill it! In the mean time we sit at His feet in humble Amazement and watch our Mighty and Awesome God work out every detail according to His Divine plan! And we are filled with that childlike sense of Wonder.........mmmm :)
Looking forward to the day!