Vicki (25 Jan 2012)
""IT"S ABOUT THE FIG TREE"  and an amazing confirmation!"


Hi John and Doves,
I hope by the time you finish reading this, you will have a renewed sense of Awe and Wonder of what a truly Huge and Amazing and All knowing God we serve.
Dec. 15,2011 I laid down for a quick nap so I would be alert and awake for a Bible Study I attend on Thurs. nights. Fortunately I fell sound asleep right away. I had been sleeping for about 30 minutes when I was jolted awake by a loud voice proclaiming "IT'S ABOUT THE FIG TREE", " IT'S ABOUT THE FIG TREE", "IT'S ABOUT THE FIG TREE". The voice was proclaiming this in my mind, not in the room.(many of you understand how this is heard)
I wondered what this meant and thought about it the whole way to Bible Study. After class  I mentioned it to a friend, and also to my sister-in-law. We decided to go out for coffee and my friend prayed a mighty prayer for God to give a revelation and that I would share what God reveals with others. This is why I am writing to all of share what God has revealed (so far).
The next morning, Fri. Dec. 16 during my devotional time, I started out with prayer, asking God to reveal what "It's about the fig tree" is all about. After spending much time in prayer and receiving nothing, I moved on to my Devotional "Jesus Calling". I kid you not! The first two sentences for Dec. 16 were "I AM SPEAKING in the depths of your being. Be still, so that you can hear My voice". Right out loud I confessed how sorry I was for not listening, "I" was the one who had been doing all the talking!! So I quieted my spirit, pushed any distracting thought from my mind, then spoke the words of
 Samuel, "speak Lord for your servant is listening" It was only a moment...and then that beautiful still small voice spoke.."Israel is the Fig
 Tree.....The Figs are about to drop". That was it, only two small statements. Immediately I felt that trouble was coming to Israel. But I've learned through the years that what I "feel" and what God  actually means can be completely different. I'm often wrong, but God is always right :) I've also learned that a statement or revelation HAS to be confirmed by Him. So I took my Bible, placed my hands on it and prayed for a confirmation. Speaking to Him about how Awesome and all knowing He is, He knows exactly where every mention of the Fig Tree is in His Word, He knows every chapter, verse, page number in my Bible, He knows where every comma, period, quotation mark is, HE knows it all, He wrote it!! It was then He placed in my mind "Hosea 1 and 2". I not only saw it but also heard it. Now the only thing I know about the book of Hosea is chapter 4 where it speaks of the birds and fish dying.  Opening my Bible to Hosea Chapter 1, I started reading (looking for the word Fig Tree, if this truly was from God) Chapter 1 is where God tells Hosea to take an adulterous wife, he has a son and daughter with her. (no mention of Fig Tree) Chapter 2 is titled "Israel punished and restored". As I read through several verses I began wondering if God was confirming something about Israel, which I wasn't understanding, because so far there was nothing about a Fig Tree. Until I got to verse 12 "I will ruin her vines and her Fig Trees,...
There it was, Fig tree(s)!!!!
Doves, do you see how immensely HUGE our God is!?! He and He alone can direct us EXACTLY in His word for a confirmation!! He knows exactly where every word is placed! He knows every chapter and verse! He knows it ALL, because He wrote it!! He loves it when His children listen to His voice and I would imagine, He loves seeing our excitement when He shows us another glimpse of who He is! I just want to fall at His feet in Awe and Wonder :) But look at this!! Not only were the words "Fig Tree" written there, they just happened to be in verse 12! The number of the tribes of Israel! He should me Hosea 1 and 2 when I asked where to go. Hosea 1,2 and "Fig Tree" was in verse 12!  The chapter numbers are the same as the verse 1,2...12! Only, only God could do this!!  It would be like asking for a confirmation and having God tell you "Joshua 2 and 3" and have the confirmation be in verse 23.
God of Wonder and God of Majesty, You are Holy, Holy!!
I wish I could put into words the overwhelming sense of wonder and amazement this has given me.  
Although I still have some questions like, who or what are the Figs that are "about to drop", and why verse 12 (does it have to do with this year), why 2 "12's" ? Could it point to the 12th month of the 12th year (2012)? Or is it pointing to Israel ? And when are the "figs" going to drop? So many more questions! But I don't have to have the answers...because I know the One who does:) And He is completely in control of it all! If He chooses to reveal more, it will be in His time and by His means. God's revelations are often progressive, He starts with a foundation, then builds upon it.....when HE decides the time is right!!!
Keep looking up Doves....God is on the move:)