Tyra (7 Jan 2012)
"Yes, I know exactly what you mean! Donald Price"

I have been seeing 11's everywhere and I am "off balance" as you stated.  Very tired, fall asleep early, wake up in the middle of the night.  Also I've noticed when cleaning my house on Saturday's that I can't get it all done.  It's like time has sped up and I'm rushing thru.  It bothers me sometimes because I keep thinking, I use to be able to do this in just 4 hours, yet 4 hours have passed already, I'm working fast as I can, but only accomplished half.

I hear loud "boom" sounds in the middle of the night, it's what wakes me up.  My animals act very nervous and they cling to me, even our rabbit clings to me.  She follows me around the house she and our dog, like they are scared.  I just don't know.  It's not making any clear sense to me.

God Bless all of you.

Donald Price (6 Jan 2012)
"off balance"


Hi John and Doves. A wonderful site. I visit it every day.
    I was just wondering if people that see 11:11 are also having trouble
with their balance Like I am having. And do they here a loud screeching
like a microphone feed back in their ears. Could it possibly be the continuing
change in the earths poles and the magnetosphere. Just wondering.
      YBIC  Donald Price