Tyra (4 Jan 2012)
"To Frank Molver:"

Yes, I agree.  I knew he was selling hedge funds, but yes, you're correct that wasn't the point.  China, Japan, and Russia will stop using our currency (my opinion) because I know for a fact now that China and Japan struck up a major commerce pact. (I absolutely know this because I had to work with the Chinese government to get the CCC for shipping product).  It's not that the dollar will collapse per say, it's that nations will refuse to use it.  Our dollar exchange is driving up hyper inflation on their nations, the only way to control it is to drop our currency.  In the meantime, the diversion is what you guessed a serious war that will have the oil prices skyrocketing and will help cover up that our currency was dropped while a great excuse for the new world currency to be implemented.  This in my opinion is the reason FEMA, Vipor, check points, NDAA for detention camps are being set up.  When people are hungry after being use to food always on the table the law of land will become the jungle.  Our guns again in my opinion will be confiscated, I mean why not?  Our constitution has already been voided out.  The date I thought was amazing since their budget cycles start the new year on April 13th.  I could be wrong I know, I'm just saying WOW what a coincidence.  This is all just my opinion, but it seems to go along with everything happening.

God Bless you my brother,

Frank R Molver (3 Jan 2012)
"Tyra re April 13 China and economic collapse"



Very interesting, I knew this guy was selling something, but the info re why this will happen appears fantastic
This might also explain why all of a sudden the US needs to have a diversional tactic, a war against Iran before this date happens.
It all seems to fit doesn't it?