Tony Ellsworth (11 Jan 2012)
"Tim Tebow & Rapture 88'"

...I am a huge Broncos fan...for many years they would go to the Super Bowl only to lose.  It got so bad, I almost hated when they went in 1990 because I knew they were going to get blown away (and did)...ouch. 1996 the Broncos won their division and home field advantage through the was going to be THE year.  I bought a playoff ticket and drove from Omaha to Denver for the first playoff game.  They lost against the Jacksonville Jaguars in a huge was horrible.
Finally 1997 came, and during the preseason Elway almost had his career ended w/ an injury to his right bicep that would have hampered his throwing.  He did recover and the Broncos went to the playoffs as a wildcard.  They only earned one home game against guessed it, Jacksonville Jaguars.  They avenged their previous years loss, and went on to also beat the Chiefs and Steelers in close games on the road.  Then they met the Green Bay Packers and Brett Favre in the Super Bowl.  Nobody gave them a chance to win.  I will never forget the feeling I had mid third quarter in the game...butterflies and my heart in my stomach.  The feeling was "they are in the game and outplaying the Packers...they could ACTUALLY win the Super Bowl!!!"  They did go on to beat the Packers in a close and hard fought win.  I have always "bookmarked" that feeling between God and I as a Rapture feeling in that moment where the unbelievable suddenly becomes a reality...
When Barack Obama had his 'coronation' amongst the Greek style pillars at the new Mile High stadium, I was sick.  In a few years the Broncos & Mile High seemed to be under a horrible curse.  First the owner, fired our longtime and two time Superbowl champ coach, Mike Shanahan.  Then he hired a supposed young genious from the Patriots.  He got rid of many great players on the team starting w/ QB Jay Cutler.  After starting out 6 - 0 (the number for man), the Broncos ended the season on a losing streak and missing the playoffs.  Later, the young genius coach was caught "cheating" and embarassed the franchise enough through scandal and losses that the owner fired The only thing that Josh McDaniels did right was draft Tim Tebow (and also the reciever who caught the 3:16 reception!)
Fast forward to this year...John Elway has returned as the executive to run and restore the Broncos to winning ways.  Tim Tebow was able to capture the starting job after a horrible 1 - 4 start by the team.  He unseated Kyle Orton as the starting QB (who had been the replacement for Jay Cutler in the whole hiring Josh McDaniels fiasco).  Tim Tebow went on to win multiple games...just enough to get the Broncos into the playoffs.  Surely, God is up to something here.  Prior to Tim Tebow the player known for his testimony and "I want to thank my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ..." was Kurt Warner.  Kurt Warner went from the Iowa Barnstormers and sacking groceries to the MVP of the Superbowl.  When God wants to do something, He gets everyone's attention, loud & clear!  Kurt won the SB and thanked his lord and savior "Jesus Christ" as a witness to billions across the globe (2000).  The year Kurt Warner retired, Tim Tebow was drafted...baton passed...Tebow mania is preacing the word throughout the world...and certianly getting everyone in the U.S.A.'s attention.  Have you NOT heard????!!!
The Broncos ended the season with just enough wins to barely back in to the playoffs at 8-8.  Tim Tebow's draft partner (taken in the first round 3 spots ahead of him) is number 88 and caught the winning 3:16 overtime pass.  Is this a reference to the Rapture 88' movement???
Before you say "no" consider that the Broncos were driving to possible seal the win when thier RB #23 fumbled the ball and let the Steelers tie the game @ 23 - 23.
1988 + 23 = 2012
Tim Tebow ended the game w/ 316 yards which is a witness to John 3:16 and has gone internet viral crazy...Praise God!!!
Also, the overtime, in which the rules have been changed where it is no longer sudden death, was the shortest in history @ 11 seconds.  It reminds me of how in a period which used to be sudden death...God will trasport us to victory in seconds flat...DT, the Broncos WR "stiff armed" the enemy and raced to the goal line for victory!!!
Next, the Broncos travel up to Patriots territory, where liberals rule and once again no one is giving them a chance.  Last I heard they are 13 point underdogs.  Imagine that.  God be praised!!!
I'll be doing plenting of Tebowing (praying) each and every day until we all get home...may it be soon!!!
Tony Els