T.O. (19 Jan 2012)
"reply to KML:   Are You A Descendant of The House Of David ?"


Hello  again KML,

Absolutely, I'm in total agreement with you !!

** I only shared this link because it is quite interesting**  I know a very few individuals who have a couple of these names and upon them sharing their ancestor's history with me, I actually came to this conclusion myself !!  I knew they must be of the "family tree"... 

I happen to be of a non-related European background but, fascinated by the Israelite Diaspora, not necessarily "Jews".  The term JEW does not equate to a nationality. I actually make it a point of differentiating between the two as much as possible.  Actually, I believe many worldwide one way or another are descendants of Abraham and/or Of the House Of David.


re: (16 Jan. 2012)
Is your name on this list ?

Jewish descent from the Royal House of David:

Blessings to All,