T.O. (13 Jan 2012)
"to:  KML - Books of ENOCH and the answers to my questions..."

Dear KML,

Thank you so much for your insightful letter.  I learned a lot and will continue to,  as I study it further and more detail.  Great project for me....

"Evil men set out to deny us these books written by Enoch, given by God for generation to generation, nations to nations.
So that we would know as did Enoch."

I agree completely.  I recognize the plot, I recognize that it is spoken about in the Bible, I recognize I thirst for such Godly enlightenment because the the book of Enoch "fills some crucial gaps" in my opinion.
It certainly is a piece of God's puzzle.

I did read John 3:6-38 and I recognize the references and also the Genealogy of Jesus.

Again very much appreciated and God Bless You.