T.O. (11 Jan 2012)
"to: Kim D - "Anyone noticed the windy weather across the world lately?""

Hello Kim,

YES!!!  it has been so obvious and noticeable lately.  Actually, it's a topic my family and I discuss every couple of days.

I think you would find this relative and interesting like I did:
http://www.jungleapocalypse.com/featured/smokin-joe-trainer-john-moore-was-right/ (High Winds Reported Around The World)

http://standeyo.com/  (scroll down the home page to just below the title "How to Use this Site", and on the left side news list, lots of daily news references to this phenomenon.

I think it's exactly what scripture tells us... Severe weather,  and I wonder about the approaching biblical wormwood star which throws the earth's axis off and the oceans and wind currents are intensified.  The size of the monster waves worldwide are also a news highlight since early December.

I enjoyed reading the references you listed also.

Thank you and God Bless You,