T.O. (11 Jan 2012)
"to: KML / Paul W.   - New Jerusalem and Inner Earth... & More"

Hello KML,

I would like to thank you for taking the time to write about The New Jerusalem and inner earth topic.   I find it fascinating.  I learned from what you wrote and will continue to study it further. Lot's to take in, study and learn.  Great writing.

I particularly found interesting what you wrote about:
"Concerning Paradise/Bosom of Abraham.
In the beginning Paradise was in Heaven and when God created man it was moved to the earth.[ The Garden of Eden]
When man sinned, it was moved below the earth. We know this in the story of Lazarus. A great gulf seperated it from Hell.
After Jesus resurrection it was moved back to Heaven. This is where all believers who have died are NOW, in the presence of God. Absent from the body, present with the Lord. Paradise will again be here upon the earth in the Eternal Perfect State."

I have a question:  What do you believe is there in the interior now ? Still two gulfs ? Still earth like ?
The accounts of common people coming across it before access was cut off by way of monitoring, are very interesting.  The polar holes, the basins, the curvatures are still there physically... 
I tend to think that this topic is so "tight-lipped" because it would totally prove God and Scripture instantly, according to Biblical history in this regard.  Just like 'the real" Mt. Sinai, Jabal Al LawZ in Saudi Arabia and "The Rock" in Rephidim as seen here: (sectioned off by wire, guards always on duty and restricted access)
This is so guarded not even most Christians are aware of its existence, this is the type of thing in my opinion that would prove God's word 100% and is therefore so dangerous to world governance.

Much appreciated,

Blessings to you,