TJ (23 Jan 2012)
"Building of the Temple by Passover 2012"

Hi Doves ,  
     A lot of people have concerns about Ron Reese's timeline and the antichrist having a completed Temple to fulfill true Bible prophecy.  This very well may be the case.
    However, lets not forget who were dealing with here.  The fallen angels are returning at this same time with all of their advanced technology.  The pyramid builders.  Do you think they will have any trouble building the Temple in record time?  Do you think the fallen ones are going to use cranes and backhoes?  Take a look at the walls of Machu Picchu.  These huge stones appear to be fused together.  Fallen technology for sure.  This is just one example.  This same phenomena exist all over the world for all who care to look.  In my opinion there is plenty of time for the Temple to be built for Passover 2012.