TJ (17 Jan 2012)
"Will the Church end as it began?"

Hi Doves,  
      New reader here, love this site by the way.  Another interesting point about Jan. 28, 2012 is that it's 120 days from pentecost, May 27, 2012.  Just a thought, sealed on Jan. 28th (body like Jesus before His death).  Kept from the sudden destruction.  Maybe in those next 70 days from being sealed on Jan 28th, those that are sealed can go and convince more people to repent and receive Christ before the translation (maybe we can bind them).  On April 7th the Bride is translated (given our Heavenly bodies - at the same time the dead in Christ go to Heaven)  First Fruits Barely Harvest.  Then we who remain on earth in our new bodies will have fifty days to tell and show our loved ones, those who did not believe us before, with undeniable proof  we were and are right.  We are the ones Jesus loves.  They can either believe us NOW by not taking the mark, or believe the fallen angels (the so called aliens), and their way to a false salvation by the mark -  i.e. DNA upgrade.  The blood of Christ will not clean a non-human.  Maybe the Church will end as it began?

yfiC -  TJ
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