Tim Bruce (18 Jan 2012)
"Amen Bruce Warner"

Christ finished work has made us worthy.  We are not escaping wrath because of our achievement, but His.  God looks on the punishment of Christ and concludes that His wrath is satisfied, justice has been given, and all who receive it are without sin.  

I worry that some who doubt the length, breadth, and depth of the love of Christ and his total payment for our sins have somehow missed out on a wonderful part of their salvation.  If you have ever had a loving abba or been one for that matter, surely you must know that rejection is not an option.  Perhaps their are some who are not true believers who will miss the rapture, of course, but no child of God will be left to face His wrath.  

Do we all realize how valuable we are to Him, what He went through to restore and forgive us, and the fact that scripture teaches that we are "sealed until the day of redemption."  I hope so!

Tim Bruce