Suzi (27 Jan 2012)
""Touch" new Fox tv show"

Just wondering about this new show...thoughts?

Before I became a Christian, I held a belief that we were all connected, I felt that there was a 'supreme being' who built the Universe on 'math'. I've always said that 'timing is everything', and I've held to the notion that 'time' isn't 'real', but just a human sensation that we experience with our limited minds/awareness. So many of the ideas that actually helped me to grasp the idea of who God was/is, came from the ideas of the connectivity that this tv show talks about.

I liked the idea that this child isn't 'defective', but actually 'more advanced'. I believe in a form of evolution within each species, how changes and adaptations come about. The idea that a child who is so connected to the 'big picture' would be considered 'special needs' reminds me of how Down Syndrome children are considered 'less than normal', yet the fact is, they actually have an extra, maybe they are 'better than'...more advanced? These children are usually the sweetest, most childlike of  people. I know a young man, he's devout, sincere, and literally comes to the Lord 'as a child'. When you shake his hand, it's almost electric and brings a chill and tears to your eyes with the Holy Spirit on him!

Anyway, I watched the show twice and loved it. I hope they can keep up the quality, since the 'preview' episode played more like a movie. I guess the actual 'pilot' will be on March 19th. Can't wait to see if the quality and emotional ride is the same. I hope so. made me cry.

You can see it on Fox on demand online.