Susan B (7 Jan 2012)
"Re: Obamas eligibility raised again and......"

Hi John and Doves

You've probably all heard by now that 2 courts- one in Georgia and the other Alabama are going ahead- they've overturned a motion to dismiss the case!!
Well- I just had an offbeat thought.BHO is head of the USA- arguably still the worlds superpower.I wonder if the "head wound" that the beast miraculously recovers from could be to do with his "head ship" of the USA?
Perhaps it will be proved he's not eligible but by the signing of the ndda act- he's virtually in such a position of power now. Ie; if war breaks out in the middle east he has the right to call off the next election. Also the powers that be that got him there in the first place doubtless have a way around this.I'm not saying BHO is the AC- my judgement on that issue is reserved- but it's an interesting concept.Everyone has been taking "head" literally, including me, until this thought popped into my own head!!
Any opinions?
Susan in Aussie land - looking up!!!  
See you all soon!!  +