Susan B (27 Jan 2012)
"To James re Type II diabetes"

Hi John
I am pre diabetic so follow (or try to) a fairly strict diabetic diet.  Oats are wonderful as they are a SLOW release carbohydrate with a low GI - but it is important to have some protein with them like milk or cream.
I don't like to eat breakfast so I make a fruit smoothie with high protein low fat milk, fruit with the lowest GI values, a big scoop of pysillium husks - and simply mix it all up in the blender - very fast - can be drank on the way to work if necessary.
For in between snacks (diabetics should eat small and more often) nuts are wonderful as are cheese and crackers (ensure crackers are low fat and low GI).
Quick and easy lunches are cans of tuna with crackers and a piece of fruit or any cold meat with salad vegetables - avoid bread like the plague unless it's very stone ground wholemeal.
Quick and easy dinners - lots of steamed vegetables, with a lean red meat or fish - or salad in lieu of the veggies.  Avoid anything white - white pasta, white sugar, white flour.  Home made tacos are great.  You should aim to eat 5 to 6 small meals a day mainly protein with smaller amounts of carbohydrates - and NEVER eat carbohydrates alone.  Hope that helps.
Susan in Aussie Land + + +