Steve W (14 Jan 2012)
"It's Crunch Time ! A wild Finish to the End ?"

                                                                   It's Crunch Time
Well Doves, this could be it. In the proverbial words of sporting enthusiasts, "It's Crunch time."
Yes, crunch time. The phrase refers to the closing minutes of a sporting event. A time for the team to buckle down and 'get 'er done.'
A time to 'give it all ya got 'cause there ain't no tomorrow.'
Are we finally in our spiritual crunch time ? The years of watching,waiting,praying,and studying. Are they about to be over ?
Could we really be on the threshold of the Rapture/ Sudden Destruction. Are we on the precipice of the Great Tribulation. Soon to
be snatched away and then returned to earth to be a part of the great millennial reign of King Jesus ? 
It does seem rather unbelievable. Not because we don't believe it to be true, but because the years and years of waiting could finally be over. It's almost like a small child waiting for Christmas morning.
It's excruciatingly slow from the Charlie Brown Christmas show watched on the 2nd on December to the laying out of cookies and milk for Santa on Christmas eve.
Yet, in just two weeks we could be heaven bound. Ron Reese has come up with a date for the Rapture/SD that is arguably the highest watch date he has ever posted. Yes I know, we been down this road before. We have seen way too many false starts. We can identify with the old story of the boy who cried wolf. Perhaps a majority of us are skeptical. That is understandable. What makes this date different?
Thanks to Mathman, we have have some incredible statistical calculations that have backed up the 2008-2015 timeline. I have believed this timeline from the beginning. You are either convinced or not at this point in the game. Assuming the timeline is true and April 11th, 2012 marks the mid-point of the 70th week, then it is reasonable to conclude that the Rapture/SD event grows exponentially from this point forward. Back that up by Ron Reese's posts about the possibility of WWIII commencing before the months end and we have the increasing likelihood that something's going to occur in the natural and the heavenlies very soon. Can you feel it brewing ?
If the 28th comes and goes with no Rapture/SD, then I believe the mathematical curve only grows greater in probability to the Rapture/SD. With a mere three months until the mid point of the 70th week, our time is short. The days are numbered. We are indeed in Crunch Time.
Some of you may be saying, 'What if there is no Rapture/SD by April 11th, 2012?'  Well, life will go on. But for me and scores of others, we
will be greatly dissapointed,befuddled,humbled,and perhaps even angry. Certainly normal emotions under the circumstances. But God is God. He has it all in hand. As Peter said, "Whom shall we
go to?"   In the big scheme of things it really won't matter that much. Our names are etched in the Book of Life and we'll be home soon enough. But I'll sure be scratchin' my head for awhile.
Whether your on board with Ron Reese, Mathman, and a host of others, you gotta like their well thought out posts. These gentlemen and ladies don't just sit down at their computer and type away. Hours upon hours of study, thought,research,and prayer go into their findings. Yes, speculation is a part of their theory to some degree. That is inevitable. Yet they have by and large connected the dots from point A to B. They have read the road signs that have lead to their theory espousing the 2008-2015 time frame. We have entered the 70th week(not the Trib.) Hats off to them for their time,energy,and resources they have put forth. 
I wish conclude with this. Please use spiritual discernment. Yesterday while commuting to work I asked the Lord to confirm one way or another if the 27th/28th is the time of the R/SD. I was hesitant because I have done something similar to this in the past only to be disappointed. Nonetheless, I thought what have I got to loose. I asked the Lord if the time is really near, (the 27th/28th) let their be a man standing in the middle of the pedestrian freeway overpass that I travel by on my way to work. I was but minutes from the overpass. As I steadily drove closer to the overpass I took my eyes briefly of the road and looked up. Guess what I saw? Nothing..nada..Zippo. As I went under the overpass, I decided to look in my rearview mirror. Perhaps I missed him. Guess what? I Saw nothing. Well, that I suppose was my confirmation that the 27th/28th will not be the R/SD. (Sorry Ron)
Yet, in just a matter of minutes I saw something that greatly surprised me. I must say, I was taken aback. While still on my way to work I suddenly looked up and saw a man standing in the middle of the pedestrian overpass. I could scarcely believe my eyes. What in the world was going on? Was my mind playing tricks on me ? In all the years I have taken this freeway to work, I have only been aware of one pedestrian overpass. I never recall seeing two. Never.
Yet in less than two miles apart, there stands another freeway overpass. I wasn't even looking for this. I am amazed that I even looked up at that point.
So draw your own conclusions from this. Was this from God? Me? The Enemy? Yes, even I have a little doubting Thomas in me.
I suppose when I go back to work on Tuesday and realize there is indeed only one freeway pedestrian overpass on that stretch of the road and not two,
I will be in a such a  state of severe shock I'll drive right past my freeway off ramp exit in Seattle and won't realize where I'm at until I'm in downtown Portland three hours later. LOL !
Blessings to all Doves,
Steve W.