Steve K (11 Jan 2012)
"Jan 8 sign"

Hi John,I've was watching for a nwo sign on Jan. 8 that Ron Reese spoke of.Turns out that God and not the nwo may have sent a final warning sign for the Rapture.As you probably heard that Sunday Tim Tebow threw for 316 total yards-toss in a colon=John 3:16.Add to that he averaged 31.6 yards per completion.The capper is that the t.v. rating for the last 15 minutes of the game was-you guessed it-31.6-what are the odds?But more than that that many probably overlooked was that he threw the winning t.d. pass 11 seconds into o.t.Add to this that N.F.L. analyst Mike Mayneck spent two days before Denvers 17-13 win against the Jets in week 11 watching the behind the scenes dynamic responsible for yielding Sundays huge playoff win.And lastly, Tebow was no. 11 on the U.S.A. gallop poll of th most admired men in the nation,topping the Dalai Lama.Could you please forward this to Ron and ask him to send me his thoughts on this.Obviously the nwo couldn't have planned this as a signal-but if they didn't send a sign is it possible that God did?Feel free to post this info if you would like to-perhaps you could send me your thoughts on this-----Thanks again John           Steve   @