Stephanie Kinney (3 Jan 2012)
"The Phased Strategy to Destroy Israel"

A message to serious people who should not need it.
Pardon my candor and brevity, but know well that it is utterly absurd and pernicious to compare the “invented people” called the “Palestinians” with any other so-called invented people in the Middle East or elsewhere. Here is an extract from an old article:
The Phased Strategy to Destroy Israel
Prof. Paul Eidelberg
The day before Prime Minister Menachem Begin went to the Camp David Summit of September 1978, the present writer met and warned him that Egyptian President Anwar Sadat was pursuing a phased strategy to destroy Israel. Sadat put it this way in an interview with al-Anwar on June 22, 1975:  “The effort of our generation is to return to the 1967 borders.  Afterward the next generation will carry the responsibility.” 
The PLO, Egypt’s creation, has been pursuing this phased strategy.  Israel’s government knows this.  It knows that:
1.  Yasser Arafat's top deputy, Abu Iyad (assassinated in Tunis) declared:  “Setting up a Palestinian state on a portion of the soil of Palestine is a phase towards the final objective—to establish a state in all of Palestine” (December 18, 1988, Al-Siyassa, Kuwait daily). 
2. Arafat himself admitted:  “The Palestinians are not fighting merely for the sake of fighting, but for a political objective, namely, the liberation of the Palestinian soil and the establishment of a Palestinian state over every part of it from Israel will be removed” (March 6, 1989, Qatar News Agency). 
3. PLO “foreign minister” Farouk Kadoumi stated unequivocally:  “The recovery of but part of our soil will not cause us to forsake our Palestinian land... We will build our tent in those places which our bullets can reach... This tent will then form the base from which we will later pursue the next phase” (April 5, 1989, BBC Arabic service). 
Epilogue (January 2, 2012):             
People in the West had better wake up. The threat confronting the Jews in Israel will soon be in your neighborhood—if it is not already there. You are not dealing with an abbreviated version of Islam that experts obscure by some adjective like “radical,” “militant,” “political” etc.” You  are dealing with dedicated disciples of Muhammad. And those who may appear “moderate” have already been primed to kill you and your loved one’s the moment of truth occurs. If you think Islam can undergo what has been called a “Protestant revolution,” you have turned your back on history and reality. We are at war with an implacable and cunning foe, and if you want your children to live in freedom, you had better get political leaders like the current prime minister of Australia.