Stan Freeman (6 Jan 2012)
"Someday I Hope to Meet This Lady"

     Doves, many years ago a Sunday School teacher told us about a lady that he had cared for.  The lady was  aged & disabled, she could no longer speak, but she loved & served the Lord faithfully in her life. 

     In her final months, this lady had to be carried from bed to chair, from place to place, to and from Church service.  Each time she was gathered to be moved, she would clench her frail body together as if to lighten the load, tears of thanks would well-up in her eyes and she would smile with a grateful heart. 

      When death came, the Sunday School teacher & others were at her bedside.  Before she drew her last breath with no one touching her, you guessed it…she clenched, tears streamed down her face and she smiled one last time—as if our Lord had picked her up and carried her off to Glory.

     Someday I hope to meet this lady and tell her how powerfully her story has affected me in my life. 

     Are we ready to be carried away?  He comes quickly.