Stacy Raborn (16 Jan 2012)
"Encouragement for the Bride"

Hello Doves. Thank you John and thank you Doves for this wonderful forum and for all the posts that give us hope and comfort.

I am an encourager by the authority of the Lord, so when He encourages me with something, the first thing I want to do is share it.  This post is for anyone who ever has doubt or fear that they may not make it in the rapture.  I admire those of you who remain confident and bask in the joy of constantly knowing; oh how I desire this!!  However, there are some of us who still struggle from time to time, and believe me, we do not like it and desperately want to overcome!  Having said that, He is working this out, and we will be victorious; I know it!!

This morning while reading some of the posts (for Saturday), and there were a whole bunch of them, a strong fear came over me.  I see so many of God's children hearing words, dreaming dreams, seeing visions, etc., all related to the rapture.  I immediately asked the question, "Lord, you said that the path to Heaven was narrow and only few would make it.  Is it possible that those who are going to go with you in the rapture are those who are seeing and hearing about it?  Are you only confirming and sharing with those who are actually going?"  I haven't had words, dreams, or visions about this, and this has always been an underlying fear for me.  I began to talk with Him in tears and ask Him about this.  I just told Him that at that moment, I was very scared.  I asked Him to have mercy on me for any doubt and to please reassure me supernaturally.

Before I go further, it is important to note that just in the last month or so, the Lord has worked mightily in my life to further trust Him and know that works will get me nowhere (I have posted a few of these revelations within the last few weeks).  Having said this, I firmly know that the enemy is responsible for this fear.  I do not believe in works for salvation and never have, but I have many times worried that my works will be burned up and won't be enough to qualify me as the bride.  I still do not believe that works qualify me as the bride, but Satan uses this fear in me (that stems from a lifetime of forms of rejection) to cause me to second-guess and begin to wonder.  When this happens, I go to the Word to renew my mind, and I go to the Lord to "dump" my fears and doubts.

So back to today...  I was praying and thanking Him that I can come to Him in this state -- this state of crying and being scared -- and expect Him to reassure me.  He is truly the One to whom I can pour out everything -- the males closest to me have either always run from my feelings and emotions or judged them.  I love that I can pour out to Jesus like a helpless child expecting His comfort.  As I continued to talk to Him about my fear, I reminded Him that I know I am His, because His spirit testifies to me that I am His.  I also asked, "If I am His, then how could He possibly leave me behind?"  Then I acknowledged that He is God and He can do as He chooses, just as He has chosen some to be His and some not to be.  I also acknowledged that He decides all things, and I honor this.  I then told Him that the males in my life have always left me in some form, even when I loved them wholeheartedly, and that is what drives my fear.  I told Him that I feel that this births the thought that I may be left again, because maybe I am not really ready.  Just as I always thought with them -- maybe I wasn't good enough or maybe I did something to cause their actions.  He very lovingly said in my spirit, "I am not man.  I am love, and I do not abandon.  I will never leave you nor forsake you." 

These very words filled me up, and I knew I had my answer.  These words are His very promise to me and to you -- TO US WHO ARE HIS!  So then why do so many of us constantly think that we must be doing this or doing that to be ready for the rapture?  I know there is nothing else I can do!!  I love Him with everything in me.  He is the first thought on my mind in the morning and that last thought at night.  He is in my thoughts all day.  I love Him, I desire Him, and I crave His holiness and purity, I look for His coming,  and I love His appearing.  This is all done through His spirit in me and has nothing to do with things that "I do".  I trust and follow as He leads.  Yes, I am sure there is more to learn, more in store in my relationship with Him, and even more fellowship I can have with Him, but He will work these things out in me JUST IN TIME!!  It is He who wills and works in us to accomplish those things that He has determined for us to do even before the foundation of the world (paraphrased)!   (Phil 2:13, Hebrews 13:32, and Eph 2:10)

So, if any of you are fearful in any way, just know and believe that His perfect love will cast out all your fear -- just as He did with me this morning.  This is where we must stay -- abiding in Him and His love, His strength, and His faithfulness.  And yes, we are to work out our salvation with fear and trembling, but be confident that this type of fear is different from fear that stems from doubt.  Our surrender to Him, out of reverence and honor, will ensure that our salvation is worked out; He will do it all.       

And one final word, He will not leave those behind who are His, bought with His precious blood, to face the horrors of His wrath.  He paid a great price for us, and He will continue to work out all things in us so that we are ready to go when He comes.  I trust Him with this, for He is faithful to His promises!

I pray with all my heart for all my brothers and sisters who have struggled with this, because I know how hard it can be and I know the anguish.  We love the Lord, and He knows where our fears stem from; He knows exactly what has caused this in our lives, and He will work it out and away!  Let us be confident in Him who is faithful unto the end!

God bless you all, and may you rest joyfully in His peace and comfort as you wait for His coming!