Spoely (9 Jan 2012)
"Raymond: Dry Bones and Kings of the East"

I got to say in the years, I have been involved in prophecy studies and the last few years of intense writing, I have never heard of the 200 million ‘bodies’ being demons.  Rev 16: 13-16, even mentions that demonic spirits go abroad to the kings assembling them to battle.


It has always amazed me, how 200 million men would even move from China (the East) toward the Israel.  How would they be supported, fed, moved?  Logistics would be a huge dilemma and burden.  Let me remind everyone that transportation and food, must be a huge issue do to 6.5 years of tremendous world-wide upheaval and major military battles and mini-wars.   Then, why would the anti-christ (I would never capitalize his name) sit back and let them ‘march over.’  Why wouldn’t the anti-christ just nuke them, as they tried to cross the Afghanistan mountains?

I would like to ask you to clarify, however, why would demons come together to attack the anti-christ(beast)?  I have always understood this is why they are marching towards Israel, in a rebellion towards the anti-christ.  They do not know they will be confronted by Jesus.  They will be shocked when they realize that they have been ‘used and drawn’ (see again Rev 16:13-16) for the long march, by the anti-christ to be turned towards the heavenly army coming towards them.

Can you help me make this jump?