Sherry Vance (14 Jan 2012)
"Reply To:  Ron Reese (11 Jan 2012)  "The Final 7 Years TIMELINE graph""

Dear Ron,
    Since you stated "Feast of Atonement, Sept. 23, 2015, is the day that Jesus Returns to set up His Kingdom." and this is the same date as Mathman has put forth, I am asking you, as I did him, for an answer to the legitimate question:
Since Jesus fulfilled the first four Spring Feasts in their order, and will, by the majority of consensus, return to fulfill the last three Fall Feasts in their order....then.....
If Jesus returns (as you say) at the second Fall Feast (Yom Kippur / Day of Atonement) what happened to the fulfillment of the first Fall Feast (Feast of Trumpets at Rosh HaShanah, and, for that matter, what happened to the Sabbath Year 2014?)
Sincerely, Sherry Vance~