Scarlette (28 Jan 2012)
"To Jerry"


I am writing this to you… I am hoping that I too will be raptured tonight or tomorrow, and maybe I will get to say this to you in heaven, but I read your

Comment “ Cathy D’s excellent post” and I just wanted to say that I am sorry. I mean my mouth dropped open, and I was hurt for you,thinking about how it would feel having an entire court room laughing at you and even you own pastor turning his back on you. I don’t know exactly how you feel but I know that I asked my husband if he feels that Jesus is coming back and he said no not at all…. Then weeks later I told him.. “don’t get mad but I am gonna tell you something.” I told him, “Jesus is coming back just thought I would let you know”.. and he asked me.. you don’t tell this to other people do you? At that moment I felt he was embarrassed of me. It hurt badly, and I told my friend of mathman and ron reese dates.. I was excited to tell her, but she responded back with “what idiots do you know out there?” and that hurt too.. I am glad to see that this hasn’t gotten you down.. I feel a bit more stronger and it was easier to not let it keep me down. I for one am excited about a new beginning! I am praying that because of my Love for Jesus that I may be able to save my husband and Jesus might find him worthy too.

Thank you for your post it was something I needed to hear.

YSIC Scarlette

Hope to see you soon!!!