Scarlette (18 Jan 2012)
"I want to thank you Wonderful Doves!!!"


I want to first thank each and every one of you for your posts! I recently got out of the Army from Fort Bliss Texas and have moved to Oklahoma. I loved my old church and Pastor and his wife. I wanted to start going to a church out here where I have moved and I know a Pastor and his Wife from when I was a small girl I have been to the service and the bible study a few times.. but I don’t want to go to their Church and I feel bad.. it is nothing like my old church.. I lost my way since I have been out here but I think God lead me to this sight for a reason.. maybe until I find a Church home.. I thank each and every one of you! I feel kind of at home on this site.. I read through the posts everyday during my lunch break at work.. I smile reading them.. cry reading them… laugh reading them.. and I do a lot of research looking into some of the posts. I am grateful for this website! And I am grateful for God leading me to this website.. I kind of feel like he was letting me know that even though I had strayed away from him  he knew my heart.. it was hard for me when I let go of him and I tried to be good but wrong just kept finding me, but I feel like he didn’t forget about me.. and he wanted me to jump back on board so I wouldn’t be left behind.. to see and read all of your thoughts and visions and prayer requests excites me and I hope to regain the lords favor soon so that I won’t be left behind.. maybe I might be able to share a vision or a dream that God might show me. Please pray for me and my family for God to show us his will and lead us on the path he wants and so that we may have favor in Gods eyes.

With lots of love