Sara Reynolds (13 Jan 2012)
"2521 and its anagram 5221 and palindrome and Star 12421 have the same numbers in the hexagon."

John Tng and all the Five Doves,
The 45th Star of David is 12421 and its hexagon is 6211.  The 6,2, and 1,1 are in the other two hexagons in which one hexagon is also a Star of David.  The 29th Star of David is 5221 which is anagramic factor of 2521.  5221 read backwards is 1225 square root of 35 and the 49th triangular number.  The 29th hexagon is 2611 and the 20th Star of David is 2521 and its hexagon is 1261 which is also the 14th Star of David.  God showed me that on the calculator.  Especially the fact that 12421 is a Star of David number.
Sara Reynolds