Ryan James (10 Jan 2012)

I had a dream that i thought somebody could interpret.  I had this dream about a year ago maybe, but it stays with me.  In this dream I was in a foreign city that looked like it was a desert town.  For some reason i thought it could be a town in the Arizona desert.  I am from Australia.  In this dream i am walking down a road and stop to ask some people for directions to a Church in the area.  I keep walking and come to a spot where i can see a water way.  On the far side of the canal i see shipping operations taking place where sea containers are being loaded onto ships.  One ship was loaded so high that i saw many conatiners fall of the ship and into the sea.  But a man comes running down with a big chain in his hand (like how a cowboy might lasso horses or cows) and lassos the sinking containers back to safety.  After this i proceed to walk along the high bank and notice a football team walking up the bank (it seemed like they had come from the water but i dont recall seeing them swiming) towards me.  When i saw this team it struck me that they where not an ordinary football team.  They represented something else.  I think there where also girls in the team.  I asked if they knew where i could find a church and they said to follow them so i did.  When i got to the church i noticed a young woman about my age.  She was dressed as a football player and looked very serious but at the same time very beautiful.  I asked her what her name was and she said "ice age".  I thought this was very interesting considering we where in a town that to me seemed to be the desert.
Ryan James