Rudy Wallace (20 Jan 2012)
"REF:  "Psalm 83 redux""

"Psalm 83 redux"
I've also heard that Psalm 83 is a prayer, rather than a direct action.  Actually, I never heard of the Psalm 83 war until Bill Salus's book came out and I have been listening to prophecy teachers for over thirty years.  It may be a "yet to be war", but when I see all of the events of the Middle East converging today, I see more of an imminent battle of Gog and Magog than I do a Psalm 83 war.
Could be that the destruction of Damascus is next on the prophetic calendar, then Russia has the hooks put in their jaws and comes down on Israel with Iran, Turkey and the rest of the confederacy?
 Then Obama asks them, what are you doing? Have you come to take a spoil?
We'll see.