Rudy Wallace (17 Jan 2012)
"REF: "Chief Joints Chiefs to Israel, Cancels Exercises"  Reason?"

"Chief Joints Chiefs to Israel, Cancels Exercises"
I believe this is all a part of what I call the "chicken dance".  One day the U.S.A. is with Israel, the next day it is not.  One day the Iranians could have the bomb at any time, the next week they are a year away?  One day Obama and Netanyahu are together, the next day they are in disagreement.
I believe all of this is done to confuse the enemy.  Iran reads the news too.  You can be assured that we already know where to strike and have a best window of opportunity for the strike, but until the bunker busters begin drilling their way to the nuclear bunker, the confusion will continue and the "chicken dance" will be loudly proclaimed by the liberal media who doesn't have a clue.